Surface Wilmar


  • Puredrop cooking oil

  • Golden Glow

  • Excella rice

  • Soya meal

  • Cotton hulls

Puredrop is 100% pure soya bean cooking oil. The neutral flavour and well-balanced fatty acid profile of the oil makes it highly desirable for a variety of applications from frying, baking and as salad dressings.

Pure Drop Cooking Oil

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Golden Glow is made from locally grown Zimbabwean cotton seed. Recognized as a superior oil because of its low flavour reversion especially when used at high temperatures, this super refined fatty acid free oil enhances the natural and fresh flavours of foods. A popular ingredient in margarines, icings, and whipped toppings, it helps form beta prime crystals, which promotes the ideal texture and creamy appearance in shortenings, spreads, and similar products. This oil is also used significantly by manufacturers of potato chips and French fries, baked goods, cereals, mayonnaise, stir-fry and oriental dishes.

Golden Glow Cooking Oil

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Surface Wilmar supplies large scale bulk rice to downstream packing companies in Zimbabwe. Surface Wilmar has the regionally known "Excella" small pack rice brand complimenting its Zimbabwe product range. Excella rice is premium long grain white rice that is very easy to cook, very tasty, shiny, soft and fluffy.

Excela rice

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Our Soya meal is made from the highest quality soya beans. As a by-product created from the crushing of soybeans, soya meal is used as a key filler and source of protein in animal feed diets including pig, chicken, cattle, horse, sheep and fish. In our solvent extraction process, the soybeans are cracked, heated, flaked and the oil is extracted by solvents. The extracted flakes are then carefully dried, toasted and ground to make a high quality soya meal.

Soya Meal

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Cottonseed hulls are the outer coverings of cotton seeds and is a by-product of the dehulling step of the cotton seed. These cottonseed hulls serve as an excellent source of feed for livestock as the linters are a high course of cellulose. Hulls are one of the best roughages used to add bulk into diets that are rich in protein and energy assisting in the reduction of digestive upsets in ruminants. Hulls also serve as a valued substrate in mushroom cultivation and spent substrate from the cultivation can be fed to livestock.

Cotton Hulls

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